Cozy College Dorm

Oh yeah, I put cozy and dorm in the same sentence. I know it seems impossible for a college dorm room to be cozy, homie, comfortable, etc. but it’s not! This is what what my dorm room looks like:


Here are the little touches I added to make my dorm feel more like home:

  1. Stuffed Animals. That’s right, I brought all of my favorite stuffed animals from home. My ready bear I sleep with., my Olaf, Spot (a Dalmatian from when I was 2 who is not in the picture), and my dammit doll. My college actually included stuffed animals in their packing list which I thought was pretty neat.
  2. String Lights. I have christmas tree lights wrapped around my headboard at home and I couldn’t imagine not having them at school. UWGB has a tack strip that was at the perfect hight for me to hang the lights all around my bed. They give the place a cozy, magical feel and are great for when your roommate wants to go to bed but you still need some light.
  3. Wall Art. I’m not the kind of person to hang a ton of posters or those canvases with inspiring quotes, but I did have a few things that I wanted to hang up. In the picture you can see a few of them. Theirs a print of Thomas Kinkade’s painting of Magic Kingdome’s Main Street. I had the frame signed by all of the characters we meet the last time my family went on a Disney trip together. I also have a few dream catchers. The wooden one was made by my grandfather, and the red one was given to me by my best friend.
  4. Tapestries. Ok, this is one of my favorite things to decorate with. I’m always looking for new, interesting ones to add to my collection. In the picture you can see that I have a mandala tapestry. I ordered it from Urban Outfitters. I’m not sure they sell this one anymore, but you can find lots of similar ones here. The mandala one I have is HUGE. In the photo it is actually folded in half. It’s also made of a thick, durable material great for taking out to the beach and lying on the sand or out in the grass at a park. Thats what I used it for over the summer. I have a more decorative one in my bedroom at home made to look like the night sky. I’ve provided a link directly to this tapestry here.
  5. Your favorite blankets. Yeah, you’ll want to run out and but a twin extra long comforter, but don’t forget that fun, fuzzy blanket, or the tie blanket your aunt made you when you were 10 that you still love to this day. I chose to buy a plane black comforter for two reasons. 1. It was cheeper. 2. It allowed me to bring any and every throw blanket and pillar I wanted and I didn’t have to worry about patterns or colors clashing. My favorite blanket I brought is a knitted throw that was made by my great, great grandmother. It has a lot of sentimental value and it fits perfectly with my personal style. It’s a gradient of off white, pink, and maroon yarns.

This is how I made my dorm room feel more like home. I hope I gave you some ideas. How did you guys make your dorms feel more like home?


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